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Garry Kasparov, thousands of people and huge success at the Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival 2013


This year Garry Kasparov was the guest of honor of the annual Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival held in the Palace of Arts in Budapest. His visit supported by GE Lightings the Russian world champion visited many programs at the event and held a presentation on one of his most memorable games, which he played against Anatoly Karpov at the World Chess Championship in Lyon, in 1990. At the press conference of the event Agostino Renna, President and CEO of GE Lighting Kasparov recalled his first memories of the Polgar sisters from 1988, when he was playing for the Soviet Union at the Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki, and yet he gave his support to the very young and talented Hungarian women team that included Susan, Sofia and Judit Polgar. The Polgar sisters became Olympic champions putting an end to the long hegemony of the Soviet female team at the Chess Olympiads. Kasparov called it an obvious sign that right there a new era had started in women chess. Now, 25 years later the Polgar sisters hosted one of the biggest, and as for the variety of programs and performances, the most unique chess festivals in the world. The programs included an international educational conference focusing on the “Chess in School” program, and especially on Judit Polgar’s very own Chess Palace skill-building program that was integrated into the National Curriculum in Hungary this autumn. Those chess lovers who were not able to attend the festival personally could follow the event via the livestream coverage provided by Ustream. As a very successful program of the festival the children choir of the reference school of the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation 

performed the Zigzag Chess Song, Judit Polgar’s chess poem, written for her Chess Palace children’s workbook, with music by the famous Hungarian rock band Omega. In the song, the world’s number one female chess player tells a rhyming fairy tale featuring chess figurines, and along the way introduces the fundamentals and the beauty of the game.

The Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival was under the patronage of Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, Member of the European Commission. In the Generations Chess Clash families took on families in a multi-generational chess competition, sponsored by the European Commission. Each team was composed of a child, a parent and a grandparent.
Children also had the chance to attend the Chess Palace Cup, Sponsored by GE Lighting, a tournament for beginners and also for certified players. As Agostino Renna, president and CEO of GE Lighting pointed out, it is not difficult to draw parallels between the strategic thinking in chess and business strategies, so the company is very supportive towards chess used as an educational tool, that can help children to think in a way that can lead to great innovations.
The closing program and the highlight of the festival was again the Great Simultaneous Exhibition match in which Judit, Susan and Sofia Polgar played simultaneous chess matches on 100 boards against public figures, famous sports stars and artists.



Those chess lovers who cannot come to the event personally, can follow the program via LIVESTREAM coverage starting 12am CET!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Garry Kasparov will be the Guest of Honor at the Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival


The legendary world chess champion will visit Budapest for the first time. Kasparov has followed the Aquaprofit-Polgar festivals in the past years and will attend personally in this year's chess festival. The Russian grandmaster beside competitive chess, just like Judit, is committed to the Chess in Education program. In 2011 Garry Kasparov, together with Judit Polgar has started a petition at the European Parliament, to include chess in schools. In March 2012, more than half European Parliament members have signed the written declaration of “Chess in School” and invited the Member States to outline the terms for introducing chess in public education.
Garry Kasparov has accepted the invitation of the Judit Polgar Foundation as guest of honor at the 2013 Chess Festival. The champion's participation is supported by GE Lighting.

Hungary - USA Online Team Match at the Chess Festival


First time in the history of the Chess Festivals, two countries will battle with each other online. Both teams Hungary and the United States  will be represented by four talented youngsters. The platform for the games will be provided by . Through this website will the young players play 10-minute chess games with both colors. In the clash of talents, Hungary will be represented by Kata Karacsonyi, Alex Krstulovic, Gellert Karacsonyi and Levente Marosi. The battle will start at 17:00 local time and the Hungarian players will play at the Microsoft stand in the Glass Hall, Palace of Art Budapest.

25 Years Since the Hungarian Olympiad Triumph of the Polgar Sisters and Ildiko Madl


Exactly quarter of a century ago, in 1988 a historic accomplishment was achieved by the Hungarian Women's Chess team. Susan Pogar, Judit Polgar, Ildiko Madl and Sofia Polgar had the best nerves at the finish line and managed to brake the long domination of the Soviet Union. The  Hungarian teenage team came first by half a point, ahead of their famous opponent and made the biggest success for their country by bringing home the gold medal from the Thessaloniki Women's Chess Olympiad! Judit Polgar who was only 12 years-old at the time made a fantastic performance on board two, with 12,5 points out of 13 games thus took the lion's share of winning the Olympiad gold. On the occasion of the quarter-century anniversary of this historic triumph, Susan Polgar, Judit Polgar, Sofia Polgar and Ildiko Madl will be celebrated at the Chess Festival. 

Chess Palace Photo Contest
Play chess with the Polgar sisters at the Palace of Arts Budapest!


Would you like to play a game of chess against Judit, Susan or Sofia?
Already record number of applications have been received for participating at the September 29 Chess Festival. Unfortunately we are unable to accept all the requests.
However, we would like to invite everyone to a playful contest that will also help popularize the game of chess.

THE PRIZE: Playing against one of the Polgar Sisters in a simultaneous chess game.
THE CONTEST: Make a photo of yourself playing chess at the most interesting possible location, pose, with a partner or alone, at work or outdoors, at tourist sites or any other creative place, and upload to the Judit Polgar Official Facebook page of or send it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DEADLINE: September 25, 2013

The makers of the most creative photos will play a game of chess with the Polgar Sisters on September 29, in Budapest at the Aquaprofit-Polgar International Chess Festival!

The Kids are Amazed as the Chess Palace Opens its Gates


One of the main attractions of the festival will be the building of the several feet high 3D Chess Palace, where the story of the friendly chessc haracters  will unfold. As part of the events, there will be various Arts and Crafts and educational activities, the children will be able to earn colorful chess-cash bills, which can be replaced by a variety of gifts in the Chess Palace Shop from the opening of the festival until 4:30 in the afternoon.

New Release by Rock Star at the Chess Festival


Gyorgy Molnar, the legendary lead guitarist of Omega, drifts far from hard rock. The rocker of one of the most successful Hungarian bands in the 1960s and 1970s, has composed the music to a song that is part of Judit Polgar's Chess Palace book published for elementary schools in Hungary. In the lyrics of 'Cikcakk Sakk' the number one female chess player of the world, puts in words and rhymes, the fundamentals of the game with the help of the chess figurines of a fairy tale.

Omega's guitarist and composer is also the singer of the new song. This chess hit (in Hungarian) will be released at the 2013 Chess Festival on September 29, Palace of Arts Budapest. The Children's Choir of Dezso Lemhenyi Elementary School will present the 'Cikcakk Sakk' song, by the music of Molnar.

Registrations Under Way


Exactly one month until this year's chess celebrations the registrations have launched online. Due to the colorful programs and the eventful reminiscences of the last six Aquaprofit-PolgarChess Days, there is by now significant interest about the festival, that will be held at the Palace of Arts Budapest on Sunday, September 29. Entrance to the 2013 Chess Festival is open to all free of charge, but some of the programs require advance registration.

Advance registration is required to the following programs:

• Simultaneous Chess Exhibitions
• Chess Palace Cup – Children Tournaments
• Chess Palace International Education Conference
• Clash of Generations – Family Team Chess Tournament
• Press Conference

Applying is advised as soon as possible since the seats fill up quickly. The registrations will be accepted on first come first served basis.

All participants and guests are welcome. See you at the festival!

Patronage of Mrs. Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth


Another major international recognition is due to the seven-year history, by now traditional Aquaprofit-Polgar International Chess Festival. Representing the European Union, the patronage of the festival was accepted by the most prestigious Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth. Mrs. Vassiliou has already provided her official support last year with her patronage of the 2012 Chess Festival, in particular the EU Youth Talents vs. Judit Polgar simultaneous exhibition. The world’s N°1 female chess player, an ambassador of the Chess in School program adopted by the European Parliament, played with 27 talented children representing the 27 nations of the European Union. The re-engagement of the European Commissioner clearly indicates, that she supports the festivals' chess promotion efforts and believes, that chess as a strategic game, can connect people regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, and economic background. Furthermore chess as an educational tool, can develop the problem-solving abilities, learning effectiveness, the results of school, expand children's memory and creativity.

The Countdown Begins! Arts, Sports, Science, Education, Games, and Chess Galore


Once again, it’s time for the Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival! Those who have taken part over the last six years can hardly wait for this year’s event, which again features the three Polgar sisters. Each year, the Festival offers new and exciting experiences, and the Festival of 2013, with surprises in store, is no exception. The Festival’s own website is now available to keep interested parties and all chess fans up to date as preparations unfold: see the updates, look at the photos and videos, read the messages.

All this information is available not only for old fans of the Festival, but also for anyone who is interested – even if you are just becoming familiar with chess or with the Festival. View the website photo and video galleries to get a flavor of past Chess Festivals.

So stay tuned for our regular updates: little by little, you will learn why it will be worth coming out to the Palace of the Arts on September 29!

10:00  Palace of Delights - Palace of Arts Activities for children in the spirit of chess  Lower floor
    CeramiCafe - Opening of the Creative Corner all day program
10:30 Simultaneous games with Susan Polgar  Glass Hall
    Chess Palace International Education Conference - Sponsored by OTP Andras Fay Foundation - Integration of skill development chess in the school curriculum  Auditorium
    Chess Palace Cup - Sponsored by GE Lighting – Children tournament for beginners  1st floor
11:00 Autograph Session with Sofia Polgar  Glass Hall Foyer
    Aquaprofit Chess with Champions – chess games, analysis, tutoring  1st floor
12:00 Autograph Session with Judit Polgar  Glass Hall Foyer
     Juga di Prima – Music show  Stage
12:30 Interactive Chess Lesson with Sofia Polgar  Stage
13:00  Chess Song Release - Judit Polgar's poem with the music of Omega  - performed by the Children's Choir of Dezso Lemhenyi Elementary School  Stage
13:15  Simultaneous Games with Sofia Polgar  Glass Hall
     Prize Giving Ceremony Stage
13:30 Gabor Holcz Performance of Chess Magic  Stage
14:00  Chess Palace Cup - Sponsored by GE Lighting– Children tournament for certified players  1st floor
     Clash of Generations – Supported by the European Commission- Family Team Chess Tournament  1st floor


     Simultaneous Games with 7 Year-old Kata Karacsonyi  Stage
14:30 Blind Chess with Judit Polgar  Stage
    Autograph Session with Susan Polgar  Glass Hall Foyer
15:00 Champions & Artist Chess Challenge with the Polgar Sisters  Stage
15:20  Chess Song Release - Judit Polgar's poem with the music of Omega  - performed by the Children's Choir of Dezso Lemhenyi Elementary School  Stage
15:30 Press conference with the Polgar sisters and Garry Kasparov Stage
16:00  25 Year Anniversary - Celebrating the 1988 Hungarian Olympic Champions Stage
17:00  Great Simultaneous Games with Judit Polgar  Glass Hall
     Artist Andras Gyorfi Joint Artwork with Sofia Polgar  Glass Hall
     USA vs Hungary Youth Rapid - Sponsored by the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation and  Microsoft Corner
18:00  Életem játszmája – A Kaszparov – Karpov világbajnoki döntő emlékezetes partijának szakmai elemzése – Garri Kaszparov Előadóterem
19:00  Photos with the Polgar Sisters

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

Chess Palace in the Palace of Arts

The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation has developed a new, and so far unique method focusing on elementary school education. Instead of teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, the Chess Palace program goes beyond the normal boundaries of chess teaching. Chess becomes an exceptional learning tool. The Chess Festival included an international educational conference focusing on the “Chess in School” program, and especially on Judit Polgar’s very own Chess Palace skill-building program that was integrated into the National Curriculum in Hungary from 2013. One of the main attractions of the festival was the Chess Palace 3D, where the fairy-tale world of the friendly chess figures came to life. Children could go from station to station to complete the puzzles and try their arts and crafts skills. At each station, children who complete the activity could collect colorful chess money, which could then be exchanged for items from the Chess Palace’s gift shop.

Chess Palace International Educational Conference

Integration of skill development chess in the school curriculum

::: 10:30-15:30 Sunday, September 29, 2013
::: Palace of Arts, Budapest

The Judit Polgar Foundation has created the Chess Palace program to help develop general skills in the school curriculum. This unique, teaching material, instead of teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, goes beyond the normal boarders of chess teaching, and focuses on improving academic skills, logical, creative thinking and problem solving, preparing children to be able to accept the challenges of the digital society they live in. Presentations at the conference will include the topic of the digital age, how the Chess Palace program helps in every aspect the changes in children's thinking in these challenging times; about a highly successful Swedish chess teaching program; concerning teaching opportunities in the digital age and the potential of the most complex strategic board game; integration of the Chess Palace program in public education and in the general school curriculum.


10:30  Opening, welcome by Judit  Polgar
10:40 Short film about the Chess Palace project
11:00 Strategic board games in education and in the digital world - Dr. Eva Gyarmathy, Senior Researcher of Institute of Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
11:30 Demonstration class with first graders: Skill development chess - Csilla Gombas Oryne, teacher
12:00 Chess fundamentals - Sofia Polgar
12:30 Judit Polgar Foundation presents: Chess Palace Curriculum  for renewal in education – Ferenc Maurer, program director
12:50 The Swedish Model - Johanna Valentin, Founder of Utsiktstornet - Reach For Change
13:15 Lunch break
13:45 Sand Animation
14:00 Academics and Chess - Susan Polgar,  Director of SPICE at Webster University
14:15 Skill Development Chess in the Local School Curriculum - Anna Dienes, Principal of Dezso Lemhenyi Primary School
14:30 Demonstration class with third graders: Skill development chess - Csilla Gombas Oryne, teacher
15:00 Short film - Chess Palace Accredited Teacher Training 
15:10 Digital Education - Microsoft Hungary
15:30 Closing

„The winners of tomorrow will be able to deliver smart strategic and creative thinking and quick problem-solving, which can all be playfully imbibed by children through chess.”

Judit Polgar,
chess grandmaster

"Chess was originally a teaching, thinking-development tool, but over the centuries it shifted and mainly appeared as a game, or sport of outstanding performance. Judit Polgar now puts chess back into its original function of an academic tool, that facilitates the teaching by the development of thinking. A very important aspect of this method is that, it is not the game of chess, but chess as a system of rules is in the center of teaching. The teachers do not need to be experts in chess, they only need to know the rules well. Chess is not a separate activity, but also gives background material to the general curriculum. It provides structure, abstraction, gives transparent and tangible teaching conditions, that is an excellent remedy to the lack of experience in the digital culture."

Dr. Eva Gyarmathy,
Senior Researcher of Institute of Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

We would like to thank the following companies for their generous support:

Aquaprofit Aquaprofit Zrt. (2007-2013) As the Chess Festival’s primary sponsor, Aquaprofit Zrt. has supported and helped organize the event from its very beginnings. In fact, the original idea of bringing together the Polgar girls for a joint appearance after a hiatus of ten years, and to make this into an annual chess celebration, came from the President of Aquaprofit Zrt., Tamas Nadasi. 
Naturaqua NaturAqua Kft. (2007-2013) As a primary sponsor, NaturAqua Kft. has supported the event from its beginnings. And each year, participants of the Chess Festival enjoy the company’s excellent mineral water on the premises.
Európai Bizottság Representation of the European Commission in Hungary (2012-2013) For the 2012 Chess Festival, this office organized the Battle of Generations – in which teams representing three generations played against each other.
JP Alapítvány JP Chess Foundation for Educational Benefits (2012-2013) From its beginnings, this foundation played a major role in organizing the Chess Festival and in securing corporate support to ensure a quality event. As of 2013, this foundation is the event’s primary organizer.
LSK Smart LSK Hungaria Kft. (2010-2013) Provided interactive SMART Board chessboards for the event, helping to ensure that the Chess Festival meets the expectations of the digital age. A primary sponsor of the 2012 Chess Festival.
Ceramicafé CeramiCafe (2012-2013) Organized handicraft activities for children visiting the Chess Festival, and donated many items to the raffle.
Budapest Zoo Budapest Zoo (2012-2013) Donated 2,000 children’s admissions tickets to the zoo, as well as family admissions tickets, for participants in the Chess festival.
Chess Restaurant Chess Restaurant (2012-2013) Provided the premises for the press conference preceding the Chess Festival, and donated gift coupons for the Chess Festival participants.
Győrfi András Andras Gyorfi (2011-2012) Artist Andras Gyorfi provided a rare and unique gift to participants at the 2011 and 2012 Chess Festivals: they could observe while he created a painting before their eyes, right in the middle of the area where the Polgar girls were playing their simultaneous matches.
Danubius Hotel Aréna Danubius Hotel Arena (2012) Provided discounted rates on hotel rooms for EU member country participants who played in the simultaneous matches during the 2011 Chess Festival. Provided donation to cover the production of 1000 gingerbread chess pieces.
Happy Kids Happy Kids Preschool (2011-2013) Teachers from this international preschool organized children’s activities during the Chess Festival, and donated summer camp vouchers as raffle prizes.
Telekom Magyar Telekom Group (2009-2011) Provided a top-quality venue for the Chess Festival over several years.
Luxury Brand Management Luxury Brand Management (2012) Donated gift items for Chess Festival participants.
Hublot Vertu Hublot and Vertu (2012) This company’s sponsorship enabled chess players from of all member states of the European Union to take part in the simultaneous matches with Judit Polgar at the 2012 Chess Festival.
Coaland (2011-2012) This company presented a playground slide complex to the winner of the Mayors Simultaneous match during the 2011 Chess Day – the winner mayor was of the village of Bodajk. As a result, the village now has a new playground. At the 2012 Chess Festival, the main raffle prize – a backyard slide set – was also donated by
CSO C.S.O. Commercial Rubber Treatment Company (2011) Inspired by the Coaland donation for Chess Day 2011, this company donated rubber tiling to enhance the safety of the new playground in the village of Bodajk.
RiverRide Riverride Kft. (2012) Organized water-bus sightseeing trip for EU member country participants who played in the simultaneous matches during the 2011 Chess Festival.
 Sakkvilág Sakkvilag (World of Chess) Magazine (2012) Donated free issues of the magazine to players in the Chess Festival children’s tournament.
Auguszt cukrászda Auguszt Patisserie (2012) Provided a spectacular “Festival Cake” for the occasion.
Hotel President Hotel President (2012) Donated gift coupons for participants in the Chess Festival.
ParkInn Park Inn (2012) Donated gift coupons for participants in the Chess Festival.
SYMA SYMA Event and Congress Center (2012) Provided the venue for the 2012 Chess Festival.
Sakkszövetség Hungarian Chess Federation (2007-2008) Provided event support over two years and helped with organizational tasks. Each year, the Association assists in marketing the Chess Festival.
Makány Márta Marta Makany (2011) This top designer created and provided costumes for the Live Chess Game, one of the highlights of Chess Day 2011.
Fritz borház Fritz Winery and Lodging (2010 and 2012) Provided its outstanding Szekszard region wines for on-site tasting at the Chess Festival, as well as gifts for VIP participants.
Ramada Resort Budapest Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest (2012) Donated gift coupons and admissions tickets for participants in the Chess Festival.
Medúza cateringNemzedékek Tudása TankönyvkiadóChess Restaurantchess.comPoli-farbeKarton DesignHotel HungáriaRamada Resort BudapestA mi rendezvényünkCsányi AlapítványHappy Kids
Danubius Hotel ArénaLSK SmartBudapest ZooCeramicaféHotel GellértHotel Presidentchesskid.com90.9 jazzy rádióO.K. KözpontGabbiano PrintFritz Borház és Panzió